Welcome To NIKA Nimbus

QPOS Plus is the new generation of standalone contactless miniPOS.

The NIKA Nimbus, approved by PCI PTS 5.x, SRED. can be programmed. It boasts higher transfer speeds, with a large battery capacity and multiple connectivity options. With the ability to generate QR-code receipts that users can scan, NIKA Nimbus is your new go-to device.

The NIKA Nimbus is a new generation standalone contactless mobile POS. With built-in communication modular support 4G / 2G / WIFI to achieve acquirement without any smart devices. Touch screen, GPS.

Product Features

Compact, light, secure, user friendly
TFT LCD color display
GPRS communication supports multiple GPRS bands
Multi-connectivity: 4G / 3G / 2G / WIFI

R 1 475.00


New generation contactless mobile POS

With support for contactless payments, chip & PIN transactions, and magstripe reading, the NIKA Nimbus accommodates a wide range of payment methods. This versatility ensures that you can cater to the diverse preferences of your customers, potentially boosting sales and revenue.


PCI PTS 6.x (Android 10), PCI PTS 5.x (Android 8.1) SRED | EMV L1 & L2 | EMV contactless L1 | Visa payWave | Mastercard contactless

Tap-to-pay convenience

Allows for quick and convenient transactions via NFC-enabled cards or mobile wallets, providing a seamless, hygienic, and fast payment option that enhances customer satisfaction.

EMV Chip & PIN

Supports secure EMV chip-enabled card transactions, enhancing cardholder data protection with unique transaction codes. Customers can insert their chip cards and enter a PIN for secure payments.

Magnetic Stripe

Compatible with magnetic stripe cards, ensuring businesses can accept payments from customers using older card technology. This is particularly useful in regions where traditional payment methods are still prevalent.


Evolving the way you do business

Your portable, compact Minipos is versatile and allows you to simplify your payment processing. The versatile NIKA Nimbus solution can boost your business in today’s fast-paced marketplace. Integrating the NIKA Nimbus into your business processes can greatly boost efficiency, customer contentment, and your capacity to respond to evolving market dynamics.