Welcome To NIKA Stratus

Secure payment acceptance and professional barcode scanner in a stylish, smartphone design.

The combination of imagination and exploration in a masterpiece of design and performance. The NIKA Stratus fits in the palm of your hand and your business, offering you an experience never seen before in the market. This payment smartphone integrates seamlessly with the needs of your business with an all-day battery life.

Product Features

Powered by Android 8.1
4G + WiFi + Bluetooth
Contactless + Chip & PIN + Magstripe
5.5-inch HD color touchscreen 
3.8V / 5150mAh rechargeable battery 
2MP front & 5MP rear camera with option to upgrade
USB type-C charging port  
ARM Cortex A53 Quad-Core, 1.4GHz Processor

R 9 085.00


Process payments on the spot, anytime, anywhere

The NIKA Stratus has a stunning 5.5-inch color touch-screen, a powerful processor and a long-lasting battery life. Designed to reduce environmental footprint as well as stationery costs, the NIKA Stratus does not come with an inbuilt printer, but can be paired up to one via Bluetooth connectivity. If customers need a receipt, it can be delivered by SMS or email.


PCI PTS 5.x SRED | EMV L1 & L2 | EMV Contactless L1 | Visa payWave | MasterCard Contactless

Tap-to-Pay Convenience

Allows for quick and convenient transactions via NFC-enabled cards or mobile wallets, providing a seamless, hygienic, and fast payment option that enhances customer satisfaction.

EMV Chip & PIN

Supports secure EMV chip-enabled card transactions, enhancing cardholder data protection with unique transaction codes. Customers can insert their chip cards and enter a PIN for secure payments.

Magnetic Stripe

Compatible with magnetic stripe cards, ensuring businesses can accept payments from customers using older card technology. This is particularly useful in regions where traditional payment methods are still prevalent.

Ergonomically designed

Weighing only 240 grams and measuring just 17mm in thickness, the NIKA Stratus is lightweight and easy to carry with you wherever you go, making it a portable and convenient solution.


Changing the way you do business

The NIKA Stratus offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to accept payments securely and efficiently. Its combination of a sleek design, powerful features, and support for various payment methods makes it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes.